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Barack Obama addressed leaders from around the world at the United Nations today in what can only be termed a lecture to the globe on the need to act definitively and urgently to provide coordinated effort to curb greenhouse gas emissions and save the world for future generations.

 In typical Obama fashion he opened his remarks by apologizing to the nations of the world  for America’s and Americans contribution to the global warming crisis and the failure of the nation to respond to the  needs of the earth until the Obama administration arrived in the White House.

Obama touted the transformational effect of the Obama Climate Doctrine on American industry through the rapid expansion of the green energy industry, the Climate Act passed by the House of Representatives and America’s committment to support for the Copenhagen Climate Conference in December. He spoke of America’s responsibility to join all the nations of the Globe in an effort to turn the tide on Global Warming.

The irony of course is that this President who relishes the spotlight, whose tools of the trade are a teleprompter and a podium is out of touch with the American public. He continues to sing the praises of his progressive agenda and his green economy while the real world in both developed and developing economies compete for the consumption of fossil fuels. Obama appears to be willing to sacrifice near term economic gratification to provide for the greater good. He has indicated a willingness to forego the benefits of an economy based on our current energy matrix to replace it with a green energy matrix of renewable energy including wind and solar platforms.

One could argue that Obama is a selfless leader motivated solely by the desire to do what he believes is right for the nation however, ceo4aday believes that this President, a product of a progressive orientation from birth is motivated by a sincere need to gratify the special interests that promoted and sponsored his ascendancy to the White House and a compelling obsession with a legacy to be not a great President but the greatest President.

This President who lectures to the nation and the world with head raised in pontifical glory seeks the lasting glory of history and is willing to sacrifice the present to attain his own selfish vision of the future.

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The American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 will not be passed by the Senate this year as Americans grapple with a weak economy, rising unemployment, record budget deficits and eroding confidence in a President who appears to be misreading the pulse of the public while he attempts to impose a progressive domestic agenda on a nation who’s economic infrastructure is stressed to the brink of implosion.

The energy bill which barely passed the democratically controlled House is commonly referred to as cap and trade legislation and increasingly understood to be a cap and tax bill. The bill, which in addition to regulating greenhouse gas emissions significantly expands the energy and environmental  bureaucracy as it weaves its way through every thread of American life.

With the evident failure of Obama’s stimulus package dawning on the American electorate and no immediate solution being offered by Obama and his administration the tide of public support is turning against this most inexperienced of Presidents. As public pressure mounts on members of Congress the Presidents support in both the House and Senate will begin to wane as legislators begin to focus on the 2010 elections which are beginning to line up strategically for Republicans in many states.

Cap and Trade legislation is another leg on Obama’s anti business stool which include health care reform and a stimulus plan which failed to target stimulus funds for business to promote job creation. Obama who has been defending the stimulus package, which was nothing more than an entitlement bill, is in danger of  further damaging his relationship with the public as he attempts to sell a failed stimulus package as a plan that has worked and generated a positive impact on the economy.

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The Federal Budget deficit officially surpassed $1 Trillion today as tax revenues from corporate and personal income taxes have declined significantly from Obama administration estimates. Barack Obama, intent upon redistributing wealth in America, has established a new deficit record and is not through spending yet as he continues to expand the scope of the Federal government .

The President who has appointed 34 various czars to oversee almost every conceivable aspect of American life is leading the nation along the path toward bankruptcy at an alarming pace. Unless the Congress begins to legislate with some element of common sense and begins to reign in the progressive agenda of Barack Obama this nation will have redistributed all of its remaining wealth to the creditor nations that are currently propping up the American economy.

The policies of Barack Obama are destructive to the American way of life and if left unchecked will result in the catastrophic dissolution of our free enterprise based economy. Our $1 Trillion deficit will grow exponentially if we fail to stem Obama’s lunatic spending. It is time for the President to park Air Force One in the hangar, put the teleprompter away and learn about the nation he has been elected to govern but, chosen to destroy through the execution of his progressive policies.

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Barak Obama, beginning to lose ground in the polls is seeking a boost in the polls from his forthcoming visit to Moscow . The President is currently promoting transformational legislation on numerous fronts including health care, global warming, and renewable energy. He is also directing unprecedented government intervention in the auto, finance and banking industries at the same time as he attempts to rewrite history as it relates to the American Recovery Act or as it is affectionately noted by the press, Obama’s stimulus plan.

Today at a Town Hall meeting to promote his health care reform legislation Obama again thanked the House for passing a cap and trade bill that promises to be the largest tax increase in history should the 1200 page bill be passed by the Senate and signed into law by the President. Obama also took advantage of the occasion to announce that his stimulus plan has been a success.

The President makes this announcement at a time when unemployment is hovering at 10% and consumer confidence is again receding. Ceo4aday has written extensively on the American Recovery Act and the fact that Obama’s stimulus plan was really an entitlement program designed to stimulate increased union labor on government funded projects.

The $787 Billion dollar American Recovery Act has done little to aid an economic recovery that is hindered by high unemployment and a tight credit market. The reality of Obama’s stimulus plan is that despite his constant self promotion he did not provide America with a stimulus plan. He has saddled America with an historical deficit that promises to bankrupt the nation.

The President’s trip to Moscow is designed to distract Americans from the economic strife we are currently engaged in and focus our interest on Barack Obama’s attempt to rid the world of nuclear armaments. No doubt he will engage in an apology for America’s role during the cold war and more importantly for forcing Russia in the guise of the former Soviet Union into the cold war.

This President has made numerous gaffes as he has represented America on his trips abroad. It is fitting that the American President who is least interested in protecting the Independence of America will be again be presenting himself to the world stage only two days after the nation celebrates the fourth of July in a nation that established the benchmark  for totalitarianism in the twentieth century. A country that continues to explore its own unique form of capitalism while Obama promotes a progressive toward Socialism for the United States.

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The House passed the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 by a narrow margin on Friday as the attention of both the nation and the world was turning from the abuse of the Iranian regime to the death of the King of Pop Michael Jackson. The bill which is a cornerstone of the Obama progressive agenda required the votes of 8 Republicans to vote in favor of the bill as 44 Democrats voted against it with a final tally of 219 to 212 for HR 2454.

This legislation should it become law will impose e clean energy tax upon the American Public that will amount to the single highest tax increase ever impose upon American tax payers. Given the narrow margin of passage in the House it is increasingly doubtful though that this bill will pass the Senate despite the urgent pleadings of Barack Obama.

The bill, which proposes its will on every aspect of American life and will create a bureaucratic nightmare, will also cost this nation millions of jobs more then the mythical Green  jobs it purports to create. Nancy Pelosi called it transformational legislation while doing Obama’s bidding and she is indeed correct. It is transformational in that it moves America further away from a free enterprise based economy toward the central planning models of the totalitarian economic models that failed in the twentieth century.

Americans may fight back against the tide of environmental and progressive fascism by contacting their representatives in the Senate and urging them to vote no on this bill when it comes before the Senate this fall. The nation may have been distracted when the House voted but we must wake up and act before this legislation is allowed to further cripple our economy.

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The American Clean Energy And Security Act Of 2009 is currently being debated in the House and will be coming to a vote on the floor as early as this coming Friday. Ceo4aday has written extensively about the green movement and the progressive fascists within the environmental  movement that are intent upon imposing their will upon a nation that can ill afford the luxury of Global Warming.

At a time when unemployment in America is nearing 10% the Waxman-Markey sponsored bill proposes to create a new bureaucracy that will effect the most restrictive policies on American consumers and businesses ever conceived. These proposals which will affect nearly every aspect of American life from the cars we drive to the homes we elect to live in to the light we choose to read by.

Our Supreme Leader Barack Obama is intent on completing the transformation of America from a capitalist based economy in which a free enterprise system exists to allow all individuals to participate in their own entrepreneurial endeavor should they so choose to a progressive socialist system modeled as a Eurotopian dream in which the central government will determine who participates in wealth creation and dream attainment.

The global warming legislation which is contained within the American Clean Energy And Security Act Of 2009 as the Safe Climate Act, is legislation designed to pander to the far left. Numerous administration agencies will be created to execute the legislation to safeguard the progressive agenda and restrict the freedoms of individuals.

We are a strong proponent of environmental stwardship however, environmentalism run amok as evidenced by this bill will lead to further economic hardship for millions of Americans by impairing the ability of American based companies to compete across the Globe, leading to increased unemployment and higher costs for all consumers.

Now is the time to reach out to your elected representatives in Congress and remind them that sound environmental stewardship should not and does not need to lead to a lower quality of life amid a further burdened economy.

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Barack Obama in recent remarks has shown how  committed he is to enacting legislation for universal health care despite the cost to the American taxpayer. He and his administration have demonstrated an increased willingness to misrepresent the true cost of such legislation and offer to America examples of socialized health care in Canada and Europe. The fact that the public often have to wait for weeks to get an appointment for care in other nations with a physician is of no importance to the President. What is of primary concern to President Obamais advancing his personal agenda.

An agenda that not only promises to bankrupt our treasury but bankrupt our nation’s principles and values to promote a progressive agenda that intends to lessen America’s impact on the world both economically and politically. Obama is a product of a political machine that owes its success in the 2008 elections to an array of special interest groups that represent a consortium of environmental groups. These oraganizations hide behind the green agenda and the threat of global warming to promote their own vision of a society whose choices are continually reduced as our nation’s citizens are forced to adhere to an increasingly sanitized culture framed by enviro fascists from Green Peace, the Sierra Club and the Center for Science in the Public Interest to name but a few.

In addition, the Obama administration owes a massive debt to the dwindling labor movement. The unions perceived the election of Barack Obama as a bonanza and a last best effort to promote their business. The unions have been well rewarded to date with the passage of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan of 2009. The partisan billed passed by the Democrats in both bodies of Congress has been touted as an economic stimulus plan by Barack Obama and is in reality an entitlement act which heavily promotes the cause of unions.

Obama continues to promote the cause of special interests while misrepresenting the cause and effects of his policies and programs. As the honeymoon with this administration begins to wane and as the American public become increasingly aware of the damage inflicted upon our nation by this most inexperienced President conservative members of his own party will begin to promote the bipartisanship that Obama claims to support but has failed to promote, by aligning with Republicans in Congress to stem the erosion of our basic values and freedoms.

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According to Vice President Joe Biden, Barack Obana intends to amp up the stimulus plan on Monday when he returns from his extensive tour of Europe and the Middle East. You may recall that the President signed the $787 Billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan of 2009 into law on February 17, just a few weeks after assuming the mantle of power he now holds.

Passage of the stimulus plan was deemed a vital element of the Obama administration’s road to economic recovery, from a devastating implosion of our housing and investment markets which imperiled the viability of America which had long been the economic beacon of the world. The stimulus plan was passed by a partisan Democrat House and Senate and rushed to President Obama for his signature.

Our thoughts at the time, which are available in our archives, were that the so called “stimulus plan” would provide very little stimulus on a near or short term basis to the American economy. We believe that a stimulus was warranted but, remain steadfast in our belief that the American Recovery and Reinvestment  Act of 2009 offers little in the way of stimulus.

The economy, which has reached a 9.4% unemployment level, is being perceived by many economists to be bottoming out. Others continue to believe that there are more difficult economic times ahead of us, given an out of control big spend federal government. What is certain is that with only a small percentage of the President’s stimulus plan affecting 2009 programs, it has had and will continue to have, little effect on our economy.

The one area of employment growth since the Obama administration has assumed office appears to be in the area of federal government employment. The appointment of numerous “czars’ to dictate policy on a wide variety of issues from energy to the environment to cyberspace may be the real benefactor of the 2009 stimulus plan.

Perhaps, the President,  after being in office a few months, has recognized that a stimulus plan that was focused on job creation as opposed to entitlement extension, would have been more effective in dealing with the underlying issues of our great economic challenge. Perhaps, the nationalization of the American auto industry, the takeover of banking and insurance institutions and the loss of employment by millions of Americans has begun to impact the President. Perhaps, he has realized that the train has left the station without the stimulus plan aboard and that the economy will continue  to strengthen in spite of the Obama administration’s attempt at a stimulus plan leaving little room for the administration to garner credit.

Perhaps, President Obama will recognize that his administration’s policies are severely weakening the free enterprise system upon which this nation was built and begin to offer stimulus to those entrepreneurs that are the economic foundation of a dynamic free enterprise system. Perhaps……..

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The assumption that humans are the principal catalyst influencing climate change is the ultimate liberal vanity. The earth has been evolving for four billion years and we are now directed by the progressive fascists to embrace global warming as a human caused phenomena that will result in the end of humanity should we fail to support the proposed American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009.

The bill, which was written by a consortium representing environmental lobbies that comprise the interests of the progressive left and sponsored by Representatives Henry Waxman a progressive liberal Democrat from Southern California and Edward J. Markey a similar Democrat from Massachusetts, is an integral component of Barack Obama’s agenda for transforming America from current super power status to that of a middling nation that penalizes individual pursuit as it promotes collective solutions to societal pseudo ills.

The bill also represents the ultimate victory for Al Gore over George W. Bush. Gore who proved to be a sore loser following the 2000 Presidential election has emerged as a global environmental statesman and has claimed the moral authority with all the righteous hypocrisy of the progressive left over those who dare to debate or offer alternative science to the issue of Global Warming, while George W. Bush has been demeaned by a liberal media for the policies that kept America safe since the terrorist acts of Septembet 11th, 2001.

The green movement is less about saving the earth from impending doom and more about controlling the masses by imposing the will of environmental true believers and those political, societal and cultural organizations that will benefit from the green scare. Those of us who choose to question the left and their motivation are painted as extremists that are out of touch with our changing world.

We are being asked to embrace through legislation the monetizing of carbon emissions so that the federal government can create an additional income stream through a phantom tax known as cap and trade which will result in impeding the ability for American businesses  to compete with other economies around the globe. The Safe Climate Act of 2009,which is included in the Waxman-Markey bill is designed to redistribute wealth from America to other economies around the globe. This bill is liberal atonement for the wrongful and malicious acts that the progressive left believe America has subjected the world to over the last several decades.

The rhetoric that Barack Obama was so willing to read from his teleprompter, on his tours to Europe and Latin America, as he apologised for  America’s behavior over the past six plus decades, from the decision by Harry Truman to end the second world war through the use of the atomic bomb to the execution of the war on terrorism and the handling of accused terrorists by the Bush administration, are consistent with the rhetoric of the far left and green movements across the globe.

Barack Obama has set a course to transform America into a nation that those of us who believe in a government “of the people, by the people and for the people” will not recognise. Global Warming, an issue conceived by liberal vanity, will provide the catalyst to further restrict our individual liberties and control the masses through the green scare. It will allow a totalitarian politic in the 21st century to flourish as Americans march like lemmings to the drum beat of progressive fascism as they high step out the door of their solar heated homes to their electric cars and cruise to their government approved  labor unit.

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The Safe Climate Act is included in the proposed American Clean Energy And Security Act Of 2009. Ceo4aday has expressed concerns previously regarding the scope and proposed scale of this legislation. Following is the statement published in the initial draft of the act.

Page 323 ….Title VII—-Global Warming Pollution Reduction Program

       Findings—The Congress Finds As Follows:

                                  Global Warming poses a significant threat to the national security,economy,public health and welfare and the environment of the United States , as well as other nations.

                                   Reviews of scientific studies, including by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and the National Academies, demonstrate that global warming is the result of the combined anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions from numerous of all types and sizes. Each increment of emission, when combined with other emissions, causes or contributes materially to the acceleration and extent of global warming and its adverse effects for the lifetime os such gas in the atmosphere. Accordingly, controlling emissions in small as well as large amounts is essential to prevent, slow the pace of, reduce threats from and mitigate global warming and its adverse effects.

Because they induce global warming, greenhouse gas emissions cause or contribute to injuries to persons in the United States, including:

 Adverse health effects such as disease and loss of life;

 displace of human populations;

 damage to property and other interests related to ocean levels, acidification and ice changes;

severe weather and seasonal changes;

disruption, costs and losses to business, trade, employment, farms, subsistence, aesthetic enjoyment of the environment,recreation, culture and tourism; damage to plants, land, forests and waters;

 harm to wildlife and habitat; scarcity of water and the decreased abundance of other natural resources; worsening of tropospheric air pollution;

 substantial threats of similar damage and other harm”

As one can discern from the language in the Act, the authors of the Safe Climate Act fully embrace the progressive position thet Global Warming is an iminent danger to our security. If this bill is passed in its existing form, Global Warming will be used as a rationale to place further restrictions on individual liberties. The progressive left and its premier spokesperson , Al Gore, appear to have won this debate and Congressional Democrats are preparing to enact the bill into legislation which will add hundreds of billions of dollars in cost to American consumers.

We as a nation will be embracing the Eurotopian perception of the Earth whether or not Global Warming is an actual risk to the earth or not. If this Act becomes law the progressive left will have won a decisive victory .

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